A brief introduction about Suzuki Shoten which was a Japanese conglomerate which existed in Japan in and around 1900.

+++++++ Suzuki Shoten +++++++
Suzuki Shoten was a conglomerate which existed in Japan in and around 1900. They covered a wide range of business such as oversea trading, shipbuilding, flour milling, textile, and manufacturing of sugar, salt, oil, steel, other metals, chemicals, beer, paper, etc.

Mr.Suzuki opened Suzuki Shoten in 1874. Their sales reached at 1.6 billion yen in 1919 (equivalent to the current 4.5 trillion yen) which was the peak year, and it was about 10% of Japan's GNP at that time. In 1923, there was a big recession in Japan which made their business suddenly worsened, and in later that year the Great Kanto Earthquake seriously damaged their business. In 1927, they went bankrupt.

Suzuki Shoten's descendant companies are as follows.
* Kobe Steel, Teijin, Sapporo Beer, Asahi Beer, J-Oil Mills, Taiheiyo Cement, IHI, Taiyo Koko, Showa Sangyo, Showa Shell, Mitsui Chemicals, NOF, Kayaku Japan, Sojitsu, Nihon Kaiun, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, etc.

+++++++ Kobe Steel and Suzuki Shoten +++++++
In 1905, Suzuki Shoten bought Kobayashi Steel, and it became Kobe Steel.
In 1911, Kobe Steel became an independent company.

+++++++ Taiyo Koko and Suzuki Shoten +++++++
Taiyo Koko is a direct line of descendant of Suzuki Shoten.
In 1919, Taiyo Soda was founded as a subsidiary of Suzuki Shoten.
In 1928, (after the bankrupt of Suzuki Shoten) the company name was changed to Taiyo Sangyo and also became a holding company. Kobe Steel temporarily became a group company of Taiyo Sangyo.
In 1949, Taiyo Sangyo was broken up, and Taiyo Koko was founded.

+++++++ Influence of Suzuki Shoten till Now +++++++
In 1960, ex-Suzuki Shoten companies (more than 30 companies) founded a group called "Tatsumi-kai". Since then, they have had yearly events such as "all-Japan ex-Suzuki Shoten" meetings, New Year parties, Year End parties, and other gatherings. They started to issue their own bulletins in 1964.
Though they have no capital ties any more, they still have a kind of spiritual connections which were bonded by the history of the same ancestor.

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